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How can I get to the festival site?

The site is located at 900 Paris Street, in Sudbury’s Bel Park, surrounding the Grace Hartman Amphitheatre. The closest major intersection is York St. & Paris St., where parking can be found. No parking is available directly on-site.

You can also check out our Facebook group for ride sharing, another great way to get to the fest.

There is also a bike valet on-site, so we encourage patrons to bike to the fest as well.

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What is the work NLFB does as a charity and a non-profit?

NLFB is a non-profit, charitable music presenter in Northern Ontario. The organization provides valuable exposure and career development opportunities for emerging artists, while also presenting highly acclaimed artists, and keeping the region on the map for acclaimed touring acts. The festival presents a strong component of francophone, Aboriginal, and other multicultural content each year, in line with regional population demographics and the diverse cultural makeup of the Canadian population. The majority of NLFB’s operations surround the annual summer festival, however the organization also presents many other cultural events, concerts etc. throughout the year.

The mandate of NLFB is to present music, performing and creative arts through its annual three day music festival and year round activities that support the regional artistic and musical talent in Northern Ontario. The goals adopted to achieve this are:

  1. Commitment to reflect the cultural diversity of Northern Ontario in its operations and programming;
  2. Commitment to treat all performers and their work with dignity, respect, and fairness;
  3. Commitment to develop, support and acknowledge the value of local artists and performers;
  4. Commitment to develop support and honour the work of volunteers;
  5. Commitment to develop, support and acknowledge the interests of its audiences and developing their appreciation of the arts;
  6. Commitment to build links with the community through cooperation and partnerships with other arts and cultural organizations, umbrella groups and other community groups;
  7. Commitment to operate in a fiscally responsible manner with the goal of financial self-sufficiency.


What if I have specific accessibility requirements?

NLFB has a strong commitment to accessibility and ensuring everyone has an amazing festival experience. If you have specific accessibility requirements, we would encourage you to contact the NLFB office. Our staff will work with you to ensure these requirements are properly understood and addressed. NLFB Office: 705-674-5512, volunteer@nlfb.ca.


What do I need to bring with me?

There is limited chair seating at the main stages, and nonexistent at the acoustic stages, so it is most important to BYOS – bring your own seat (canvas camp chairs or blankets are ideal). Please refrain from bringing camp or lawn chairs in their own bags (please bring out of bag). FOR SAFETY REASONS, CERTAIN TYPES OF CHAIRS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED IN THE GRACE HARTMAN AMPHITHEATRE. OLD-STYLE FOLDING LAWN CHAIRS LIKE THESE ARE NOT CONSIDERED SAFE DUE TO INCLINE. Generally chairs should have 4 points of contact with the ground to ensure everyone’s safety.

This is an open-air event, so remember to bring sun protection (hat, sunscreen, clothing). Rain sometimes falls on the festival, so pay attention to weather reports and bring foul weather gear if there is a possibility of rain.

There are beaches adjacent to the event so you may want to bring swim suits and towels (towels are also useful for sitting on at acoustic stages). It’s also a good idea to bring drinking water in reusable or recyclable containers. NLFB recyclable water bottles and beer mugs will be for sale. A drinking water refill station will be provided on-site. NLFB will have a fully staffed bike valet on-site during the day. Bike to the fest!

Finally, bring your sense of fun and adventure. Got an instrument to jam on? Feel free to bring it! Bring whatever you need to discover new songs and sounds, be inspired, and have the time of your life.

NLFB will have a fully staffed bike valet on-site during the day. Bike to the fest!


Where do I park?

There is parking right across the street from Bell Park (Paris & York), and at the old hospital lot directly beside the park, however it is even better if you can walk, ride a bike, or take public transit, as the parking lot gets jammed full quite quickly. Plus, it’s better for the environment! No parking is available directly on the festival site, no exceptions.


Can my pet dog, ferret or cat accompany me to the Festival?

Dogs are permitted during the day, but must be leashed at all times. Owners are responsible for picking up after their own pets. That being said, NLFB staff and volunteers do reserve the right to refuse entry to any pet, should there be significant reason. Due to safety concerns, pets cannot be allowed into the evening + night concerts.


I want to have a booth for my non-profit organization on site. How do I arrange for that?

See the vendors page for a rate sheet and to complete an application online.


I want to participate as a food vendor/retailer. How do I do that?

See the vendors page for a rate sheet and to complete an application online.


I am an artisan/crafter. How do I participate in the festival?

Crafters/Artisans are juried at NLFB, so you must submit a photograph of your work along with the application form (online application via the vendors page) and must have some of your work in-progress while on site. There are separate vendor categories for food vendors, retailers and non-profit exhibitors.


I want to be a festival volunteer! Who do I contact?

Over 300 volunteers from the community work diligently for months to help organize and put on the festival. Volunteers are also required outside of the festival season for the equipment rental team, fundraising, charity bingo and more. In addition, numerous volunteers work year-round as board members helping put on concerts and fund-raising activities. Check the volunteers page for an online application. Please contact the NLFB office if a paper copy is required.


I want to participate in this year’s festival as a stage painter/visual artist. Who do I contact?

You should send an email to NLFB’s Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@nlfb.ca , and you will be contacted for details.


What if it is raining? Will the show be cancelled and can I get a refund?

Generally the show will go on – rain or shine – so bring weather appropriate clothing and be prepared for a great show. In the rare event the show gets cancelled because of extreme weather there is no refund.


What if I lose my tickets? Can I get a refund?

No. There are no refunds on tickets; treat them like cash. You must present your physical ticket in order to get a Festival wristband and gain entry to the site. The fact that you purchased a ticket is not enough.


If I have a change in plans can I get a refund?

No. There are no refunds or exchanges on tickets; treat them like cash.


Can I purchase daytime tickets in advance?

No. The ‘afternoon’ tickets (do not include feature evening shows) are only available at the gate and are valid only for the day purchased. Single day + evening (‘All-day’ Passes) can be purchased in advance once the lineup has been announced.


Is there a children’s, students or seniors ticket price?

Recently in an effort to cater to families, NLFB has adopted the policy that all children 14 and under receive free admission. NLFB may require I.D. in order to take advantage of this policy. Also, there are special rates on weekend passes for students/youth. Check the ticket page for pricing. There is currently no seniors discount, however it is an idea the organization is reviewing.


How can I pay for tickets at the gate?

Tickets can be purchased by cash, debit/Interac, Visa and Mastercard. American Express is not accepted. There is an ATM on-site where patrons can withdraw cash as needed.


Where can I buy tickets?

  • On our website
  • A&J Home Hardware (469 Bouchard St., Sudbury)
  • Garson Home Hardware (3098 Falconbridge, Garson)
  • Gloria’s Convenience (469 Bouchard St. Sudbury)
  • Hanmer Home Hardware (Old Highway 69, Hanmer)
  • Jett Landry Music (1119 Lasalle, Sudbury)
  • NLFB Office (19 Grey St. Suite 3, Sudbury)
  • Old Rock Roastery (212 Minto, Sudbury)
  • Second Ave. Home Hardware (366 2nd Ave N, Sudbury)
  • Walden Home Hardware (Regional Road 24, Lively)
  • Laurentian SGA (935 Ramsey Lk. Rd. SCE-212, Sudbury)


When will tickets go on sale?

Advance passes are currently available here. NLFB typically offers earlybird deals on passes during the winter season. Contact the NLFB office to inquire about groups rates and sale information.


When will this year’s lineup be announced?

The full lineup has been launched! Check the artists page for up-to-date information.


What are the dates and hours of festival?

The 2017 festival will take place July 6-9 Thursday, Friday from 5:00 pm until 12:00 midnight, Saturday and Sunday 11am until 12:00 midnight. Entertainment also traditionally continues off-site at the Townehouse Tavern and other off-site venues until 2am.


I am a performer. How do I participate in the festival?

Please submit your application for the festival by sending a link to your Electronic Press Kit (bio, recordings, live video, list of accomplishments/past gigs, press clippings) to artistic@nlfb.ca. In the interest of saving paper and costs to the artist… please do not send in a paper and CD submission package. If asked to perform at the festival, the artist will then be required to send in a recording and other promo materials. Please note that NLFB gets thousands of submissions each year, and makes a strong effort to review them all. Northern Ontario artists can also compete in the annual ‘Meltdown’ audition event, held each spring. Contact the NLFB office for more details.


Where can I stay in Sudbury when attending the festival?

We recommend that you use one of our accommodations sponsors. In 2016, NLFB launched new accommodation packages which include festival passes and accommodations at discounted rates. There are 3 types of accommodations packages: camping (offsite with shuttle), hostel, and hotel. Visit the tickets page for more information on these packages. If the packages do not match the number of people in your party, please contact the NLFB office at 705-674-5512 to see if the package can be customized. Note: to take advantage of package rates bookings must be made through NLFB office (online or over the phone).

CAMPING PARTNER: Mine Mill Campground

HOTEL PARTNER:  Clarion Hotel Sudbury

HOSTEL PARTNER: Cambrian College Residence