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We strongly recommend that patrons bring face covering masks, in case there is a need to exit the vehicle. That being said, we also ask patrons to remain in their vehicles, unless they must use the washroom, or make a transaction regarding concessions, tickets, or merchandise, in the designated fashion.

If you are currently experiencing any of the following symptoms please do not attend this event: fever; shortness of breath or coughing symptom; sore throat; difficulty swallowing; new olfactory or taste disorder(s); nausea/vomiting; diarrhea; abdominal pain; runny nose; or nasal congestion – in absence of underlying reason for these symptoms such as seasonal allergies, post nasal drip, etc. Advise NLFB staff if at all possible.

If you have traveled outside of Canada within the last 14 days, please do not attend the event.

If you have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, or is experiencing any of the above symptoms, please do not attend this event.


Q: Is this a live, in-person, concert, or a video/livestream?

A: This is a real, live, in-person concert and all of the artists will be performing in the flesh on-stage. It differs from a regular concert in that it must be enjoyed from the comfort of a vehicle.

Q: How does ticketing work? Per vehicle? Per Person?

A: Per Person. First ticket includes vehicle and driver ($30 adv.) – then select ‘add-on’ tickets for each additional vehicle occupant ($30 ea. adv.). Each vehicle occupant must have an individual ticket (other than newborns-toddlers, as specified below).

Q: I bought tickets for my driver & vehicle, but I want to add passengers, how can I do that?

A: You can purchase these passenger tickets on their own simply head to nlfb.ca/tickets and select the ‘Single admission (additional vehicle occupant)’ ticket from the ‘Additional passengers, concessions, merchandise’ category.

If, for some reason you do not see this ticket type, try entering ‘admit1’ as a promo code.

Q: Can I buy tickets the night of?

A: We anticipate that the event will likely sell out online well in advance. We are also limiting our contact with the use of online sales. In the event the showing does not sell out we will make announcements about night of sales on our event pages.

Q: Is there a bathroom?

A: Yes. There will portable washrooms on site. We ask that you try to use the washroom before you arrive to limit the amount of people in and out of the facilities. They will be frequently cleaned and sanitized.

Q: Do you listen to the music through your radio?

A: Yes. The audio will be broadcast on an FM channel with the use of a radio transmitter.

*Green Option: We highly recommend bringing a battery powered radio from home to eliminate periodic vehicle emissions! Blankets may also be a good idea in case of cool weather.

Q: How will we park?

A: We will have a parking crew on site directing you into your appropriate section based on the type of vehicle you are driving. Parking spots are assigned and can’t be changed. We also have battery boosters on site in case of vehicle troubles..

Q: What health & safety protocols are in place?

A: Our ticket sales are available online, vehicles will be spaced accordingly, guests will need to remain in their vehicle for the duration of the concert (other than stopping at the washroom) and our staff will be using gloves and masks as appropriate. For information on additional protocols please contact us.

Q: Do you operate in the rain?

A: We show rain or shine.

(unless of extreme weather, we will be posting on social media if a show is cancelled)

Q: What is your admission price?

A:  $30 in advance, including HST. $40 at the gate, if available. – PER PERSON

Q: Will I be able to purchase concessions or artist merchandise?

A: These items are available for pre-order through our online ticketing system. Tickets purchased can be redeemed for these items at the entry gate. There will also be an ordering system for concessions and merchandise on-site that will not involve patrons leaving their vehicles. Details will be forwarded upon arrival.

Q: Do I have to pay for my child?

A: Children 14 and under are free, accompanied by a ticket-bearing adult.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

A: We are suggesting not to being pets.

Q: Do you have Interac?

A: Yes we accept all major debit/credit cards.

Q: Can I pre-book a specific parking spot?

A: No, our parking spots are assigned on a first-come basis.

Q: When should we arrive to get a good spot?

A: We highly recommend arriving no later than 6pm.

Q: What if my battery goes dead?

A: We have several booster packs and give boosts for free. (we also have portable radios for sale if you’d rather keep your car off). In efforts to be green, we are asking patrons to try to avoid idling or starting vehicles during the show. We understand this may be required briefly, from time to time.

Q: I want to join my friends who have already paid and entered the drive in? Can I just walk in?

A: We ask that patrons please attempt to arrive in the vehicle with their party for the evening. We understand in some cases this may not be possible. In ALL cases everyone entering the Drive In Concert property MUST ENTER through our front gate and make their entry known to our gate staff. Face covering masks must be worn during entry and exit by foot.

Q: Can I run my car’s engine during the movie?

A: For environmental and other reasons, we ask that you do not run your vehicle during the concert. We understand this may need to be done occasionally, but ask that patrons please keep it to an absolute minimum. We offer battery powered portable radios for purchase at our concession stand and also offer free boosting services if your battery decides to die.

Q: Do I need to turn off my daytime running lights?

A: Yes please. Apply your parking break (emergency brake), it will shut off most vehicle’s daytime running lights. If this fails to work you must cover your headlights with cardboard or a sheet, to keep the concert atmosphere.

Q: Do I have to watch all performances, or can I come to just one.

A: We ask that all patrons attend for the full duration of the event if at all possible. We will allow vehicles in (slowly) after the performances begin, but recommended showing up early for prime placement.

Q: Does the show go on during severe weather?

A: We are committed to run regardless of weather, assuming it is safe and possible to do so. In the event of severe weather such as high rainfall, high winds/lightning/ etc., mechanical breakdown, or unforeseen circumstances the management reserves the right to cancel the show and issue ticket refunds if necessary.

Q: It’s a nice night, can we sit outside the vehicle?

A: At this time we do not permit this due to distancing protocols and reopening guidelines in place by the Ontario government.

Q: Can we bring in our own food to the Drive In?

A: We ask that patrons get snacks and beverages in advance through the ticketing system. Horizon Drive-In will run the canteen. They have very reasonable prices with large portions. Please support them if possible.


  1. The speed limit inside the main gate is 10km per hour.
  2. People may not view the concert from the open bed of a pickup truck.
  3. Daytime lights: Please use ONLY your parking lights when entering the theatre. In the case of daytime lights, you may have to cover your headlights with brown paper or newspaper and masking tape if you don’t have a switch in your car to turn them off (apply parking brake).
  4. Cars will be parked in the front rows, SUV’s will be parked in the middle and all Trucks and RV’s will be parked in the back rows. This is so that the view of the stage will not be blocked and so all can enjoy the show. This will be at the discretion of our parking attendants.
  5. The highest point of your Lift-gate, hatches & doors may not be raised higher than the top point of your windshield.  Final determination of acceptable height of hatches to be at the discretion of our parking attendants.
  6. Any over sized trucks, or vehicles with lift kits, roof racks, carriers etc. on top of a vehicles roof may require moving you back to the back row.  This will be at the discretion of our parking attendants..
  7.  Be considerate of the people around you.
  8.  Shoes must be worn at all times by all persons.
  9.  No running. Please accompany children if they must leave the car.
  10.  Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the property.
  11. You may not cook, grill, or in any way prepare food on the premises.
  12. Videotaping the concert is not permitted
  13. Absolutely no abuse, hatred or discrimination will be tolerated.

For more information please contact marketing@nlfb.ca or 705-674-5512.