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Sudbury, Ontario


Folk, Indie, Rock, Singer-Songwriter


Frederick Squire

Fred Squire has been active in the Canadian music community for over a decade, touring and recording with the likes of Shotgun & Jaybird, Daniel Romano, Julie Doiron, Mount Erie, and his wife, Kate Maki.  He is a highly regarded singer and songwriter whose debut record, March 12, was long listed for the Polaris Prize in 2011.  Hailing from Ajax, Ontario, Squire is currently living in Copper Cliff where he recorded his third and most recent record, Spooky Action at a Distance.  Celebrated for his ability to achieve unthinkable results using ramshackle recording equipment, Squire maintains the ability to make the listener feel as though they are taking part in the recording experience, a sentiment that takes a beautiful shape and lingers, reverberating, long after.  Performed, recorded, and mixed by Squire himself, and mastered by the revered John Golden (Sonic Youth, Lee Hazelwood), Spooky Action at a Distance sounds so incredible, it is hard to imagine that it was recorded in a tiny basement while Squire was also pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering and learning to be a father.  Most of the songs were written ten years ago when Squire was living in Dawson City, Yukon.  These older songs such as, “Spill Your Lungs” and “Bike Thief”, contemplate the ups and downs of a young man in and out of love.  The record concludes with Squire’s most recent offerings, “Switch the Engineer” and “This Place”, which reflect his current state of matrimonial harmony.  While the subject material of his songs may be taken from simple every day life, Squire is a master craftsman when it comes to his sharp and poetic word choice.

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