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NLFB Annual General Meeting: Nov. 28


AGENDA (may be subject to slight change)
1) Welcome, regrets, conflicts of interest, introductions
2) Presentation of Audited Financial Statements for 2017 fiscal year
       – opportunity for questions/comments
       – adoption of Audited Financial Statements
3) Appointment of auditor for 2018 year
4) Financial Report (summary) – Treasurer
      – opportunity for questions/comments
5) Executive/Artistic Director’s Report
       – opportunity for questions/comments
6) Appointment of new Lifetime Member: Paul Loewenberg
7) Amendment of NLFB Bylaws (fiscal year listed)
8) Ratification of all Board motions for 2017 year
9) Nomination/Election for Board positions
10) Other business
11) Conclusion


For more information call the NLFB office at 705-674-5512.

Note: membership necessary for voting rights or to stand for nomination/election to the board.

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