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To Be Announced


São Paulo, Brazil


Afro-Beat, Cumbia, Funk, International, Jazz, Samba


Bixiga 70

Word cannot describe how excited we are to welcome Bixiga 70 to the festival, hailing all the way from São Paulo, Brazil. Coming from diverse musical backgrounds, a meeting of musicians involved in the city’s avantgarde pop, jazz, dub and Brazilian scenes, results in the 10-piece set, trying to blur boundaries in space and time. With their genre-spanning mix of afro-beat, Guinean malinké, Brazilian candomblé, samba and cumbia, Bixiga 70 are a welcome addition to any party. These guys are among Brazil’s finest players, taking Fela Kuti’s afro-beat style to inventive, thrilling new heights. 3 words: dancing is mandatory!

Annie Sumi

North Bay, Ontario

Bixiga 70

São Paulo, Brazil

Emmanuel Gasser (Meltdown Winner)

St. Charles, Ontario

Jenny Ritter

Vancouver, British Columbia

Leonard Sumner

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Les Frérots Rochers (Meltdown Winner)

Sudbury, Ontario

Louis-Philippe Gingras

Montréal, Québec

M.D. Dunn (Meltdown Winner)

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Rae Spoon

Montréal, Québec

Shotgun Jimmie

Brandon, Manitoba

TBA – #NLFB2017


East Coast, Canada


Toronto, Ontario

Yukon Blonde

Vancouver, British Columbia